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The Resource Group doesn’t just save money for Sellers, we also offer a unique Buyer Rebate Program
A Buyer rebate is when we act as your Buyers agent and give back or “rebate” up to 1%  of our commission to you at closing.  This can be done in one of two ways; a commission reduction in the offer or a rebate at closing.  We will discuss what works best for you. Either way you save!

How does a Commission Reduction work?
Sometimes cash as closing isn’t what you need.  The Resource Group LLC can also present an offer with a commission reduction of up to 1% which effectively increases your offer price.  

$500,000 List Price
Offer $500,000 with a 1% co-op commission reduction – Effective offer $505,000.

Put yourself in a more competitive position to get your offer accepted without coming up with more money.  We are able to effectively increase your offer by 1%.


Provide information about your perfect home and you will be contacted by us as soon as we find it on the market.

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